PONY Baseball and Softball

PONY is an acronym, which stands for Protect Our Nation's Youth. PONY Baseball and Softball is dedicated to creating a safety first/ fundamentally sound and challenging game for children of all ages. With field sizes and dimensions best suited to appropriate age play and rules designed to allow each charter their own ability to create the best style of baseball and softball tailored to your own community's needs. PONY also takes it a step further requiring children to participate in divisions with kids of the same age. Today, PONY annually holds eight baseball World Series events and 39 national softball events, in addition to a circuit of Zone tournaments across the globe. Over 500,000 players on 28,000 teams in over 4,000 leagues annually play PONY in leagues across the United States and over 40 countries world-wide.

PCA has been partnered with PONY since 2015. As part of the partnership...

- PONY baseball and softball affiliates receive discounted PCA live workshops
- MLB sponsored workshops offered to PONY through out season

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